Marketing Strategy
We will examine the important questions that will help to define your business. We will explore goals, capabilities, existing customers, potential customers, competition, and opportunities. With that, we will develop the big idea that will raise you above your competition.

Anything that goes in front of the buying public must look professional. All they know is what they see and if they see cheap, tacky and homemade that’s what they will think about you. We develop creative, functional logos that are easy to use because we've already considered all the possible applications.  We've created hundreds of business and product logos for a wide range of industries including automotive, lighting, finance, and retail.

Branding - Beyond the logo
A brand consists of several primary components - logo, colors, copy, images and positioning phrases and taglines. All of these things are crucial elements in defining your company to potential customers. There are many levels in the communication process and your brand spans all of them. We can put together a cohesive program that integrates all your communication elements. 

Web - An effective, affordable website
Your website is the first place anyone goes to learn about you. The site needs to be well organized, well written and presented in a professional manner. All that said, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We produce cost-effective websites that are easy to manage. Unlike many of the website design firms, we also write the content. In the end, you get a complete website, with no holes to fill later and no hassles to get it launched. 

Social Media - Choosing which will work best
There is plenty being written about social media as a marketing tool for business. If you aren’t already using social media platforms, paid or unpaid, no doubt you are feeling the pressure to get on the bandwagon. Social media is a marketing tool, not a magic wand. When it comes to marketing your business, there are so many options available to you. Social media may be one of them. We will help you determine if it's right for your business and then how best to use it.

Advertising - Ads that get results
Successful promotion requires these 2 things - advertising in the right media and using the right message. Success with both will essentially guarantee positive results. Failure in either one will render a useless campaign. We are skilled at working with all media, digital as well as traditional. We can create banners, print ads, radio and TV commercials that will enable you to stand out.

Sales Promotion & Product Packaging
There are many different ways to promote your business. We have experience with all of them. In the course of the last 25 years, we've produced sales brochures, door hangers, direct mail, billboards, sales presentations, trade show booths, point-of-sale displays and all forms of product packaging. We have a tried and true list of printing vendors able to offer the highest quality, guaranteed results.   

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