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Increased Recycling 
Client: Chittenden Solid Waste District
Problem: People are confused about recycling.

Big Idea: If you do a little we can all do a lot!

The existing system for recycling was bogged down with too many restrictions and requirements. After careful analysis of their systems and customers, we recommended going with a single-sort system, the first in the state.

Execution: We incorporated the tagline/logo into all marketing and communication materials, including PR. It was a simple solution to a complicated problem. Consumers loved it and, in the end, the client offset the added expense of sorting with the income gained from reselling larger amounts of captured paper and metal.

Created Personalized Shopping
Client: University Mall
Problem: Better compete with other malls and retail

Big Idea: My Mall

The Mall has over 200 stores, essentially a different shopping experience for each visitor. We personalized the Mall, making it each shopper’s personal place to shop. 

Execution: We incorporated this tagline/logo into an extensive program that lasted 3 years, defining University Mall as a personal destination while allowing us to humanize traditionally product-oriented retail advertising.

Define Local Pest Company

Client: Pratt Pest

Problem: Stand out from less experienced, lower priced competition 

Big Idea: Trust Our Experts

Using their upcoming 25th anniversary to support the position as the most experienced service provider in the region, we were able to clearly separate our client from the competition. 

Execution: We used the positioning phrase in all marketing materials, redesigning the company logo in the process. This positioning has allowed us to focus more attention on the service technicians, who are the people the customers come in contact with the most. The company increased overall sales by 25% in just 12 months.

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