About Us

We offer a scaled-down version of a traditional full-service advertising agency. You get creative marketing strategy, writing, graphic design, media planning, budgeting, and program management for a price that's surprisingly affordable for most businesses. 

Our Services

  • Creative Strategy
  • Branding
  • Websites
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Sales Promotion
  • Sales Materials  

Client Testimonials

"Origin Marketing changed our image and our views of how we were presenting our company.  With their help, we departed from the obscure to become a prominent player so that we were noticed and purchased by a Fortune 500 company.  I believe that speaks quite strongly of their impressive assistance to a sleepy little company that became a giant in the world of lighting controls."

     Anthony Hanudel, President, The Hanudel Group

"David Cook, Owner of Origin Marketing Communication, has the unique ability to take a business from its initial launch through all the stages of its growth. I know several smart, successful people who worked in advertising and eventually launched their own businesses. In an industry where there are many options to choose from, these entrepreneurs turned to David to help them develop their business. David could help them assess their market, figure out their business plan and do all the necessary creative for both the product and for the marketing of that product. Many of us are in awe of David's creative gifts."

     Gena Gaughan Boyden, Regional Sales Manager (Retired), ABC & FOX       

Pratt Pest is a local pest control company. We developed the new logo and positioning phrase "Trust Our Experts". Given that Pratt Pest had been serving the market for 30 years and much of their local competition was smaller, inexperienced companies, the positioning made sense. We used it, in conjunction with local newspaper advertising, to increase overall awareness, market share and sales.

A Big Idea​​

What's The Big Idea?

A big idea communicates what’s unique about your business in a way that people are 10X more likely to remember.  By making it more memorable it creates a higher response rate for your marketing effort.  

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