3 Reasons Why

You Should Hire Us.

1. Experienced  It’s not our first day.  We’ve done just about everything many times before. There’s no learning curve here.

2. Affordable  Time is money. Doing things faster, with no mistakes, leads to costing less. Simple as that.  

3. Successful  We have a proven track record of helping small businesses grow, passing important legislation, changing consumer habits and so much more. We can help you too.


Even the most innovative ideas go nowhere without proper direction. The right strategy get the right results as well as the most attention. 


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A great idea is more than pictures and more than words.  It's something created brand new, just for your specific needs.  Something that doesn't just sell, it changes the way people think and how they act. 


Launching a business? Need a promotion? Want to boost sales but don't know where to start? Call or email anytime. We love to solve problems for people.
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Every business has a story to tell. A story that makes them unique. A story that makes them different from any other business. Origin Marketing Communication will find your story. Then we will tell it in a way people will remember. We have over 20 years of experience in helping businesses stand out. Small businesses just like you, standing out using creative, consistent advertising and marketing. Just like the big guys. 

 Working with Origin Marketing Communication is like adding a marketing department to your business without adding the overhead. Overnight you have the capabilities to develop strategies and promotions, write and design advertising and brochures, develop and manage websites and social media, create and produce data sheets, training videos, and so much more. 

If you want attention,
the best way to do it is with a message

that stands out. 

A memorable message said once is far more successful than a boring message said a hundred times.